Your business information and documents are invaluable. So it’s totally understandable that you want a secretarial service you can trust and have confidence in.

However, when it comes to choosing a reliable service provider, the worries creep in – will they …

  • Provide the level of service I’m looking for?
  • Be able to understand and fully meet my needs?
  • Have excellent spelling and grammar skills?
  • Produce results that are above par, the first time around?
  • Meet my important deadlines?
  • Keep my information confidential?


The Sisira difference ...

Based in Melbourne, Sisira provides a range of services to assist you with your workflow.  Services include document formatting, template creation, word processing, transcription, and more.

When you outsource your work to Sisira, you can expect:

  • High quality results, whatever your needs;
  • Courteous, reliable and professional service;
  • Confidentiality at every instance.

Working with a wide variety of clients that have very diverse needs, we undertake varied work across a broad range of industries.  We work with clients ranging from sole operators to corporates, as well as government departments.