Accessible Word Documents

Your organisation’s Word documents should be accessible for all

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 requires that people with disability have equal access to information.  And so, whether it’s a website or an online PDF or Word document, it’s important your digital resources meet these needs.

Like most, your organisation no doubt uses Word to create the majority of its documents, which may then also be converted into PDF or HTML format.  So it’s a good idea for these source documents to be enhanced for better accessibility.  In doing so, you’ll lay the groundwork to also enable a more streamlined conversion of your information to accessible PDF and/or HTML format.

So how do you ensure your Word documents are accessible?

While there are specific WCAG 2 standards for making websites and PDFs accessible, there's currently no ‘official’ frame of reference for Word documents.

Still, there are ways to enhance your Word documents to enable better accessibility for all.

The reality …

Workplaces are dynamic.  Whether it’s a spike in workload or staff moving on, you may not always have the resources available to ensure your Word documents are also accessible for people with disability.

Likewise, enhancing your Word documents for better accessibility can be time consuming.  And, with deadlines to meet, your accessibility obligations sometimes fall by the wayside.  That’s where we can help.

What we do

At Sisira, we work with you to help you better meet the accessibility needs of all – whether it be a Word document that requires optimisation for better accessibility, or a PDF that you need converted into an accessible Word document.

The best practice techniques we use to enhance accessibility of your Word documents include:

  • Formatting of fonts, headings, numbered and bulleted lists
  • Appropriate use of colour, including colour contrast
  • Placement of images, and the assignment of alternative text
  • Optimising tables to ensure data is accurately relayed by screen readers
  • Ensuring easier document navigation with the inclusion of table(s) of contents and links

Where necessary, we also provide recommendations about elements within your documents that aren’t accessible in their current form.  On your go ahead, we then rework these elements for improved accessibility.

Further, we ensure your documents meet your organisation’s style guidelines, balancing design with accessibility to achieve the best document-specific outcomes.

Why work with us?

We’re well versed in the recommended techniques for making Word documents accessible.  And we’re Word experts, so we have the knowhow to get your Word documents into an accessible format, efficiently and in a timely manner.

So what's the next step?

Find out more about accessible Word documents.  Or if you’re ready to get your documents into an accessible Word format, contact us today ...