Smarten up your SmartArt

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So you’ve added SmartArt to your Word document because you know how effective a graphic can be in catching your readers’ attention.  But, have you taken the next step of formatting your SmartArt so that it looks the best it possibly can? There are a number of quick and easy ways to change the overall […]

Multilevel lists: customised List Styles versus List Library templates

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Multilevel lists are a great way to present information within your Word documents.  And although Word offers an array of multilevel list ‘templates’ which are quick and easy to use, these aren’t necessarily the most efficient and/or consistent way for creating lists.     The Multilevel List gallery contains a number of sections as follows: […]

Page Layout View

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Does the nature of an Excel spreadsheet – lots of data, displayed in rows and columns – really necessitate drab looking documents?  Personally, I don’t believe so.  And the good news is that, by working in Page Layout View, making your Excel spreadsheet pop becomes a breeze. Here’s an example.  I recently set up a […]

Keep text only

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Have you ever worked on a lengthy Word document, pasting text from other documents / programs, to then find your final document is a mishmash of different styles and formatting?  Well there’s a simple way to avoid this.     Here’s how: Paste the text at the appropriate point within your document; A clipboard icon […]