Professional document formatting: why it’s vital, and how to achieve it

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Professional document formatting is vital – you need your business documents to reflect well on your organisation. But what I often hear from business leaders is that their staff spends too much time formatting documents. Yet, the documents they produce (and send to third parties) still look unprofessional. The reason? We’ve found that organisations are […]

Use Word’s Compare feature to maintain your sanity

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It’s time to write another business proposal – good for you!  So you get started.  You navigate to the folder your proposal document is saved in, discover you have two versions and can’t remember the difference between the two … what now? Well this is where Word’s Compare feature comes in handy.  It allows you […]

Dispelling the mystery surrounding bookmarks

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Writing recently about cross-referencing within Word got me thinking about bookmarks.  There are so many reference types that can be so easily cross-referenced; whereas the process to cross-reference a bookmark requires an extra step of adding the bookmark in the first place.  Does this put people off?  I don’t see bookmarks used very often so maybe […]

Cross-references: a time-saving tip

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Does cross-referencing drive you crazy?  Creating a Word template for a client recently, I was reminded of a handy tip I thought I’d share.  It’s a great time-saver and will hopefully make working with cross-references a little less frustrating. Let’s begin with an overview … then the tip! Cross-references Why use cross-references?  Well, there’s a […]

Smarten up your SmartArt

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So you’ve added SmartArt to your Word document because you know how effective a graphic can be in catching your readers’ attention.  But, have you taken the next step of formatting your SmartArt so that it looks the best it possibly can? There are a number of quick and easy ways to change the overall […]

Automatically update wreaking havoc?

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Styles that automatically update … sounds good, I know, but (just secretly) I’ve been caught out by this Word feature a number of times in the past.  Have you? Let me give you a scenario.  I’m working away on my document and decide that a heading which has the Heading 1 style applied needs to […]