Word Templates for Business

Word templates are a must for your organisation.  Because your staff don’t always have the skills OR time to format documents to a professional level.

And let’s face it, not many people enjoy working with Word …

Word makes me want to pull my hair out … Why don’t you go format yourself … Word is the stupidest program on the planet …

Sound familiar?  We found these words of frustration hidden within a Word document a client needed help with.

It happens all the time.  You can’t automatically update a table of contents because the wrong heading styles have been used.  Pictures won’t stay put.  Tables look like a dog’s breakfast.

Why does it happen?  Because you don’t have the right tools to work with!

This is where well-designed Word templates come in.

Word templates help you format documents like a pro

Word templates take the guesswork out of formatting documents.  That’s because they clearly define heading and text styles.  At least a good template does, anyway.

They also incorporate all the elements you need to easily build and format documents.

So you don’t have to be a Word expert to format documents professionally.  All you need to know is how to harness the power of the humble Word template.

What does a robust Word template look like?

A robust Word template is designed with the end user in mind.

It clearly sets out your organisation’s predefined styles.  This means that even staff members new to the organisation will be able to stay on brand.

A robust template also helps staff build documents quickly because it enables users to easily add predefined content.  For example, it only takes a few clicks to add a table to your document.  The design is already set … the only thing left to do is to update data within the table.

And because it’s that easy, every table (or other predefined content) that’s inserted into any document will always be consistent in style.

Ultimately, a robust Word template streamlines the way documents are built and formatted.

But most importantly, a robust template is easy to use.  There’s no need to learn other shortcuts or commands to get things done.

What to keep in mind when sourcing templates for your organisation

Not all Word users are the same.  Differing levels of ability can mean different end results when formatting documents, even with a robust template.

So you want to make sure your staff also has the guidance they need to effectively work with Word templates.

Yes, they can always turn to Google for help.  But Google searches can be a bit hit and miss.  And we all know how time consuming that is.

We can help with this.  That’s because we not only build robust Word templates; we also understand what users need to know to make the most of templates.

So, first, we make sure Word templates contain in-document instructions to help users build and format documents.

Second, we provide a template guide outlining template specific elements and key tips when working with templates.

And third, for users who sometimes get stuck, our easy-to-follow user guide is always at hand.  This guide contains detailed instructions when formatting documents, but only the instructions most users actually need in their general day-to-day work.

There are more benefits to using Word templates than just well formatted business documents

Professionally formatted business documents reflect well on your organisation.  That’s a given, and it’s why Word templates are so important.  That is, because they enable every document produced to ALWAYS have the same professional design and feel.

And then there's the time-saving benefits of working with Word templates.  Staff achieve better results in less time because a good Word template enables them to do so.

Word templates also remove the frustration users often experience when formatting documents.  This leads to greater job satisfaction.

Greater job satisfaction results in an increase in staff productivity.  And with increased productivity comes a reduction in administration costs for your organisation.

What's the next step?

Every Word template is different.  So send us your documents.  We’ll review them and make sure we fully understand your needs.

If you also need a robust PowerPoint template, be sure to tell us about your requirements below.  And send us your PowerPoint document too.

We’ll then provide a quote, let you know what’s included and what you can expect when choosing Sisira for your template needs.